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Casinos accepting deposits via DineroMail

Before us is another payment system, specializing mainly in Latin America. Of the features, we note several ways to pay for goods and services, so everyone can choose the best option. Those who do not have a bank account or a wallet in any payment system will be able to use the services of DineroMail. We are primarily interested in DineroMail due to the fact that a number of casinos allow customers to replenish their account through it.

DineroMail is a subsidiary of the world famous PayUGroupe. By the way, in different countries the names may differ. If, for example, in Brazil the payment system is called DineroMail, then in Argentina it also works under the name PayU Latam.

By the way, the website also displays the countries in which DIneroMail works. As you can see, these are the countries of Latin America. The parent company PayU operates almost all over the world, and DineroMail is just a “narrower” system created specifically for Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

A key feature compared to analogues is the ability to pay for goods / services in four different ways:

  • cash by bank transfer. Make a payment, print out a receipt, in which all the necessary information, including the details and purpose of the payment, is already indicated and pay it at the bank. This is one of the few options available to those who do not have a bank account. There are many such people in Latin America. This payment method is not supported in Mexico and Brazil;
  • cash through a merchant that supports DineroMail. Unlike a bank transfer, money with this method is sent to the addressee instantly;
  • from a bank card. The advantage of this method is that you don't have to go anywhere. Just when paying, you will have to specify the card details, as with a standard purchase;
  • directly from the DineroMail wallet. In this case, everything works exactly the same as with a regular payment system.

In Latin America, this payment system is extremely popular. Local online casinos support it, so even those who do not have a bank account or credit card can play.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we compare the strengths and weaknesses of this system, the picture is ambiguous. Among the advantages it is necessary to note:

  • Support for several payment methods for goods or services, including in the mode of a regular electronic regular payment system (that is, from the DineroMail electronic wallet);
  • there are no huge commissions here;
  • money can be withdrawn from your casino account to your DineroMail account;
  • DM also works like a regular payment system. You can transfer money from one wallet to another in the same way as, for example, in WebMoney or PayPal. That is, the matter is not limited to paying for online purchases;
  • speed of transfers - money arrives to the addressee instantly, with the exception of a bank payment. But in this case, the delay is not due to the fault of the payment system, but because of the bank, you will have to wait a few working days;
  • high security.

Of the shortcomings, only:

  • A small number of casinos that support this method of depositing an account. Moreover, not all of them support withdrawals in the same way;
  • that this system is suitable only for a limited number of countries. It was originally created specifically for the countries of Latin America, so only residents of this region will be able to take advantage of its benefits.

There are few drawbacks, but if you do not live in Latin America, then they become critically significant. You simply won't be able to use DineroMail in this case.

Which casinos accept deposits with DineroMail

Our database contains 13 casinos that accept DineroMail for deposits. On the right side, simply select the appropriate item in the "Casino Deposit Method" menu and find the name of this payment system.

When making a deposit on the casino website, you will have a choice of how to make it. Options are available ranging from printing a code and paying it at the bank to transferring money from your internal wallet in this payment system.

As for the withdrawal, it all depends on the casino. Some allow you to withdraw money in this direction, others do not. Collapse

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