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Online casino on Ethereum (Ethereum)

Cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum more and more. Moreover, new currencies appear from time to time. Recently, Ethereum has been declaring itself louder and louder, which is slowly being introduced into online casinos. Today you can find a good selection of establishments that accept it. How to fund a casino account with Ethereum? — The process is slightly different from the standard replenishment with a bank card or electronic wallet. But if you are not using this cryptocurrency for the first time, then there is nothing complicated about it. Just send money as usual.

  • Log in to your casino account, go to Cashier, then Deposit
  • Select Ethereum. You will see a window where the wallet address will be provided.
  • Copy the address and transfer money to it. To do this, go to your payment account and make a transfer. Those who use the phone for transfers can scan the QR code that will be displayed on the casino page. This way they will receive the address of the desired wallet on their phone.
  • After confirming the transaction, it will be credited to your gaming account.

Transfer speed can vary depending on how generous fees you are willing to pay. However, in the case of this cryptocurrency, even with a rather economical option, Ethereum is credited to the casino in a matter of minutes. But if you choose the cheapest option, you can wait up to half an hour. But the transaction will cost you only a few cents.

Ethereum has a dedicated ETH Gas Station page that shows the estimated waiting time at the fee you choose. So, you will roughly know how long it will take. If you choose a faster option, then the money will come in less than a minute. The cost even at high speeds is very small. The transaction will take less than 10 cents.

The Ethereum address displayed in the online casino cashier is the address that will be your personal wallet to replenish the game balance. Everything that falls on it goes to your casino balance. Just keep in mind that it is better to double-check whether you have entered the address correctly than to rush. Otherwise, you can simply lose your money if you send it to the wrong place. It will take less than a minute to double-check, but you will be sure that you are sending funds to the right place.

You can get cryptocurrency in exchangers, where you give your traditional money and get ETH. Some casinos even offer buying instructions and a list of exchangers for those who are just versed in all this.

Please note that it takes time for the Ethereum deposit to show up in the casino. Therefore, do not worry, wait until the estimated transfer time has passed and check the balance again. If the money does not appear for a long time, contact the operator's support service.


There are payment methods that cannot be used for withdrawals. However, if you use Ethereum, you can both deposit and withdraw. For this, everything will be pretty standard. In the Cashier of your casino account, you select Withdrawals / Payments and mark the desired method. Next, specify the amount and wallet and click on the Request a withdrawal button. After that, it remains just to wait until the institution first processes the request, and then transfers the funds.

List of casinos accepting Ethereum

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum has not yet gained widespread acceptance in online gambling. However, everything goes to this. Gradually, operators that accept cryptocurrency expand the available options and add Ethereum among others.

Our list of Ethereum online casinos includes operators of different levels. From those who received a high rating to those who have it below average. However, they are all licensed and offer original games. The rating is generated automatically, based not only on reliability, but also on convenience, as well as on the collection of games.

The choice of establishments is small, but there are worthy options. Before making your final choice, pay attention to the player reviews, which are linked directly to the table below. There you can also go to a detailed review, where there may also be complaints about the institution. Take a look at all of this and it will be easier for you to make a choice.

The side menu on this page contains various filters. You can change the country and add payment methods, as well as specify casino licenses, currencies and languages. You should not be particularly demanding, for example, a license is in most cases Curacao. You may not find any rare developers. But if it is casinos with deposits via Ethereum that are convenient for you, then you will find worthy options where they will offer a good selection of games and normal bonuses.

Advantages of Ethereum

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that is not controlled by any state or company. It is completely decentralized and exists only virtually. There are no banknotes or coins in reality. Like other cryptocurrencies, they are famous for their complete anonymity. Here you do not need to enter your name, phone or email. Just register a wallet, put a password on it and that's it.

Ethereum appeared in 2015, much later than Bitcoin. It is believed that it is much faster than Bitcoin, because it is not so busy and the queue for transaction processing is small. Since this cryptocurrency appeared not so long ago, casinos relatively recently began to add Ehtereum as a payment method. But over time, their number is likely to increase. Although cryptocurrencies in general are rather slowly being introduced into online gambling.

One of the advantages of this method is that cryptocurrencies are not controlled by the state or any statements. Therefore, there is a ban on gambling transactions or not, it does not matter to them. In Russia, for example, since May 2018, financial institutions have been banned from conducting transactions with online casinos. And although this did not greatly hinder the gambling business, there may still be cases of blocking deposits. With Ethereum, this will definitely not happen.

Also, cryptocurrencies are considered a reliable, secure way. The main thing is not to fall for scammers. This applies to both casinos and exchangers where you will buy your ETH. And also choose only proven applications, extensions or sites for opening wallets. You can find a list of them on the official Ethereum website. Collapse

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